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  • Hard Reset


    Take control of Major Fletcher in the cyberpunk city of Bezoar and dive into the action of a beautifully crafted world.

  • WWII: Battle Over the Pacific


    The time: World War II, the place: the skies over the Pacific Ocean and you are the only pilot who has what it takes to stand a chance against the enemy forces.

  • Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare – Digital Legacy Edition


    The Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare Digital Legacy Edition for the PC includes Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.*

  • Cross of the Dutchman: Deluxe Edition


    In Cross of the Dutchman, you play as Pier, the farmer who turned into the commander of a Frisian army, an example for all people who were oppressed by the Saxon invaders. While leading the rebellion you will get to meet and befriend historical characters and let them join your cause for freedom!

  • NecroVisioN


    War is Hell

  • Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition (MAC)


    WITH BORDERLANDS 2 GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION, players can experience every epic boss battle, increase the level for each of the six playable Vault Hunters, play all of the additional campaign content, and enjoy hundreds of hours of shoot-and-loot mayhem at an extraordinary value.

  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Lady Hammerlock The Baroness


    Introducing Sir Hammerlock’s sister, Lady Aurelia the Baroness! Nobody’s as cold as she is, literally, as her “Cold-As-Ice” action skill inflicts tons of cryo damage on the baddies of Elpis. She can also turn any co-op partner into a servant using her Contractual Aristocracy skill tree. Nothing stands a chance against this frozen-hearted aristocrat!

  • Shadow Warrior Classic Redux


    The definitive version of the cult classic shooter, Shadow Warrior Classic Redux features remastered visuals and two massive expansion packs. Corporations rule every facet of life in a near-future Japan and employ Shadow Warriors, one-man armies of unparalleled skill, to protect their power and forcefully remove all opposition.

  • Heavy Fire Shattered Spear


    Save the spy. Protect your base. Take the battle to the enemy. Destroy the nuclear threat. All in a day’s work for an Army Ranger.

  • Steel Rain


    Prepare for the ultimate shoot-’em-up / strategy ReMix with RPG elements! Steel Rain is a truly novel mix of strategy, RPG, and frantic action, with a modern, high velocity shmup core at its center. You get to control 2 wings you can tactically arrange in different formations and firemodes, as you fight your way through an impressive variety of overwhelmingly huge enemy fleets. 

  • Chaser


    Mars, 2044. The UN establishes MARSCORP (Martian Security and Economics Committee) under the leadership of Samuel Longwood. In the years that follow, the UN gradually loses control of MARSCORP, mainly due to the non-transparent licence policy of its director.

  • BioShock™ 2 Remastered


    BioShock 2 provides players with the perfect blend of explosive first-person shooter combat and compelling award-winning storytelling.

  • Painkiller: Overdose


    The critically-acclaimed and award-winning FPS franchise is back! Packed with tons of fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled single player and multiplayer action

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege: Rook The Crew Set DLC


    Uplay games are now redeemed directly on your Uplay account via Ubisoft Connect. To find out more, please click here.

  • Rising Storm


    Rising Storm is the next game in the award-winning Red Orchestra franchise. You know the great gameplay, innovative features and realistic audio and graphics of RO2 – Rising Storm will take this to the Pacific Theater, adding even more features, new levels, new weapons and new factions. 



    MOTHERGUNSHIP is a bullet-hell FPS where you craft your own guns, fight gigantic bosses, play together with your friends and defeat a robotic alien armada that conquered Earth. Face off against overwhelming odds in brutal, non-stop combats where thinking on your feet is the only way to survive.

  • Steel Rain Expeditions


    Discover Outpost One, Perimeter X and Learis Prime with all new enemies and unlockable Wings!

  • Painkiller: Redemption


    ‘Painkiller – Redemption’, the newest addition to the Painkiller Universe. Continue the story of Daniel and Belial as they joined forces for the first time to end the bloody conflict between heaven and hell.

  • Enemy Front Multiplayer Map Pack


    Multiplayer DLC includes 4 MP Maps and one special MP mode The Great Escape.

  • Save $11.82!

    BioShock Infinite: Season Pass

    $23.19 $9.48

    More Game, More Guns, More Power!Extend the narrative and adventure with the BioShock Infinite Season Pass.

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