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    $46.39 $9.48

    It’s 1968 and the rules have changed. After years in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: Family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for. Watch the Mafia III worldwide reveal trailer now. 

  • Worlds Adrift Pioneer Edition


    The world is broken, shattered from a calamity that time has since forgot. It falls to you to journey across an endless sky, competing for resource and lost technology. 

  • The Metronomicon: IndieGame Challenge Pack 1


    Three amazing songs from some classic indie games, three new challenges, and three new awesome pieces of gear!Test your Metronomicon skill to the max with Indie Game Challenge Pack 1!

  • EVERSPACE – Ultimate Edition


    EVERSPACE™ – Ultimate Edition includes:EVERSPACE™EVERSPACE™ – Upgrade to Deluxe EditionEVERSPACE™ – Encounters

  • Z


    “Z”, the classic Real Time Strategy Game by the Bitmap Brothers. Fans of this classic strategy title are in for a real treat. Everything is in here from the terrific comedy cut scenes to the frantic game play making this is the definitive version of Z.

  • Real Boxing


    Lace up your boots and grab your gloves, Real BoxingTM punches its way to PC!

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    Megadimension Neptunia VIIR – Inventory Expansion 3

    $0.92 $0.46

    Think of cargo shorts. Extended side pockets. Loosely fitting. Velcro sealed. With that, you have the Inventory Expansion 3! With the Inventory Expansion 3, players are granted Pocket Expansion + 1000 threefold! That means, 3,000 additional item inventory slots to store all of your dog bones!

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    From one of the developers behind the original Rainbow Six® and Ghost Recon® games, comes a thinking-man’s first-person shooter featuring in-depth character and weapon customization. Take your time. Think ahead. Get the job done.

  • Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess


    Set on a distant planet, the Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess combines mystic drama and humor with a sophisticated icon interface, so players can easily maneuver through the game’s captivating plot.

  • Twin Sector


    Twin Sector is a thrilling physics-based action-adventure which allows players free interaction with their environment. Using the advantages of the powerful HAVOK-Engine, innumerable puzzles, challenges and enemies await the players in a hostile and threatening futuristic environment.

  • Life is Feudal: MMO Pagan pack


    This Pagan pack containsGods’ Favor 10000 GFPremium Subscriptions 30 DaysTicket to the Abella (cannot be transferred) 1 TicketWeapon Skin

  • Dawnstar


    Fear, desperation, and organized crime dominate Dawnstar, the lawless sector of the galaxy. A cold war between the major mafias has erupted into a massive battle royal where the ultimate prize is complete control of Dawnstar.

  • SEUM: The Drunk Side of the Moon


    SEUM: The Drunk Side of the Moon is an expansion which adds 3 new powerups and 33 new levels in the new space environment.

  • Battlestations Collection


    The Battlestations Collection includes the first Battlestations title and the expanded sequel Battlestations: Pacific in one twinned release.

  • Slain: Back from Hell


    You control the fate of Bathoryn, a doomed hero in a Gothic world, who seeks to liberate six cursed realms from six deadly overlords.

  • Jalopy


    Navigate miles and miles of tyre changing, fuel burning, carburettor busting, mud clattering terrain, through night and day, rain and shine. Adapt to whatever the procedurally generated world of Jalopy can throw at you.

  • Mafia II DLC: Jimmy’s Vendetta


    Jimmy’s Vendetta introduces a new character to the world of Mafia II where players see the world through the eyes of Jimmy, a mercenary.

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    Hyperdrive Massacre – Soundtrack

    $5.79 $2.32

    The Hyperdrive Original Soundtrack by Aram Jean Shahbazians and Nils Iver Holtar features more than 25 minutes of music created exclusively for the game, fully remastered for this release and with all-new bonus material.

  • Warframe: Heavy Impact Pinnacle Pack


    300 Platinum to use towards new Warframes, Weapons, Equipment and more

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    Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

    $17.39 $6.11

    Uplay games are now redeemed directly on your Uplay account via Ubisoft Connect. To find out more, please click here.Live and breathe as Ezio, a legendary Master Assassin, in his enduring struggle against the powerful Templar Order.

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